Rising Tides

General Fiction

By Maria Rachel Hooley

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Maria Rachel Hooley

maria Rachel Hooley
I've written over twenty novels, including When Angels Cry, New Life Incorporated, and the Sojourner series.  My poetry has been published in over 80 literary journals across the United States and United Kingdom.  I live in Oklahoma with my husband and three children.


At 29, Kelly Jamison is at a crossroads. She dying without ever having lived and desperate to make sense of her shattered world. She lives in a marriage destroyed by her husband’s infidelity. Enter Tyler Adams, a man as comfortable with the ocean as he is with the world around him, including Kelly. He offers her a sailing lesson and ends up healing Kelly’s shattered heart, unaware that loving her will forever change him.

Rising Tides is a love story about the choices we make knowing that while love may well be eternal, life isn't, at least not this life.

Sad but good, November 26, 2009
By Joanne Harris (Amazon Review)
This was a very gripping story of love in the face of something tragic. I found myself drawn in by the characters, and the story. I was drawn to the combination of love, loss and over coming life's challenges. I found myself sad then happy several times for the main character, and loved the ending. I enjoy a love story with a twist.  

A new favorite
By  LT (Amazon Review)
Rising Tides is a beautiful and heart wrenching love story that is worth every bit of 5 stars. As will all of Maria Hooley's novels, the story captivates you and is impossible to put down. For Kelly and Tyler love can conquer all. Keep the tissues nearby - they'll be needed.