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ABOUT Julie Duncan-Archibold

Julie Duncan-Archibold
Julie Duncan-Archibold also known as Julie Archibold is an author, blogger, logo designer, semi musical-producer, amateur screenwriter, all around innovator. She has authored three books, over a dozen articles, recorded an album in the category of The Spoken Word under her label Nu Edge Pr More...



There's a life of abundance in every level that's waiting for you, but you cannot control the results or people's response; you only have control over you. That's great news, because when you become better everything around you does as well. Life will be great, when you become great!

In This Little Room I am here again –I said to myself almost in disbelief-. My husband and I were living in a teenager’s bedroom. He (my husband) had just stepped out and I was left in that little room with enough time to look around and stare at the suitcases that contained every single thing we owned in the world. I was, again, living out of suitcases and wondering why in the world I kept finding myself in this exact place after so many years, at this stage in my life. What in the world was I doing wrong? In time, I realized I had been asking all the wrong questions, yet the Source of Infinite Wisdom still gave me the right answers.