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By Ana Antunes

Publisher : Dance As One Publishing

ABOUT Ana Antunes

Ana Antunes
I have been writing and composing since the day that I created a prelude, composing some notes (which I still have recorded on my brain) on a small piano toy at the age of three. But I first put my two feet at the theatre, playing the flute to a big audience at Mackenzie Institute, when I  More...


Rat-a-Tat is a silly rat who just loves to eat healthy. On his search for the right food he finds out that there is much more to share than just sneaking around. After an exciting travel he returns to his home, sweet home, with a new foundation, and learning much more than he could ever expect. A Picture Book for children and adults.

It's been more than ten years that I wrote this tale inspired by a rat with no tail, a hamster I once had who couldn't stop eating all day but who was also active and rolled on a spinning wheel. It was so much fun to watch!:))