Jolly the Elf

Children's Books

By Jo Shepherd Ripley

Publisher : Think Young Productions

ABOUT Jo Shepherd Ripley

Jo Shepherd Ripley
I am an author and an artist living and working in Springboro, Ohio with my husband Richard.  Writing for children is uplifting and enlightening.  Having 11 children, I have learned how important it is for children to have "somebody" believe in them and for them to believe in s More...



Jolly the Elf is a story for all ages.  If you know the reindeer that saved Santa, meet the elf that saved him.  Jolly knew Santa was in trouble.  He did not have enough time to keep track of all of the good boys and girls.  Santa needed help from a friend.  He needed Jolly.  Jolly and his friends help Santa see how good and kind children are being by going to their homes and reporting all the wonderful things they do back to Santa.  Jolly and his friends are part of what every child needs – somebody to believe in them.  For anyone who has children or is a child at heart, this story gets to the quick of what it means to be a person, a child – reach for the stars and maybe you will catch one. 

Jo Shepherd Ripley wrote Jolly the Elf approximately 45 years ago for her oldest daughter, Dee. Every year, Jo would read the story to friends and family and give each an elf to start their own tradition. Over time, Jolly unknowingly became a tradition that spread across the Country and across the Pond. So many families know the story of Jolly even if they did not know who wrote the story. This is actually the original story upon which a number of other elf stories are based. Every year, families that know Jo started the tradition reach out to her about how to get the story and where to buy the elf. Jo has done her very best to fulfill every request, but now she is making it a lot easier.

Jo Ripley’s Jolly the Elf story is a delightful addition to the Christmas sagas. It is an authentic
family tale and tradition inspired by the most wonderful prompter of invention—a child’s
curiosity. The text is sweet and wistful, and the illustrations are magical. Yes, Virginia, there is a
Jolly the Elf.
— Jack Kerley, New York Times and London Times best-selling author