Treasures in Clay Vessels


By Angela Pisaturo

Publisher : Xulon Press

ABOUT Angela Pisaturo

angela pisaturo
Angela T. Pisaturo's novels bring to life the ordinary woman.  Her realistic depiction of the inner soul’s struggle to find its purpose has brought healing and truth to many women.  The reader may identify with Amelia DeLuca; a love starved daughter who learns to forgive in The Rich  More...



What happens when you mix a contemporary romance with old world charm and God’s grace? You get Treasures in Clay Vessels – a heart-warming story with a vintage soul.

Romance never played a part in Nellie’s life. Orphaned as a child and disfigured as a teenager, Nellie found it easier retreating from relationships until renowned biblical archaeologist arrives on the scene.

Treasures in Clay Vessels is a gentle story of love, acceptance and forgiveness with a message of encouragement to believe that all things are possible in God and every new day may be the start of a brand new beginning

The Biblical Artifacts exhibit had come to my hometown. After viewing the exhibits, I browsed the gift show, stumbling on a replica of an ancient Herodian Oil Lamp, also known as a Jesus lamp. After reading its history, and about the belief that the lamp represented freedom and deliverance, I began to ponder the idea about what would happen if a recluse woman battered by life came about the original lamp that came from the line of David and possibly Jesus' own family. Would it change her life? Would she find peace? That's how the book envolved. Then I threw in the Maine coastline for a setting and the fact that she was an antiques owner and the rest took on a life of its own.