The Shroud of Heaven

Mystery & Thrillers

By Sean Ellis

Publisher : Samhain Publishing

The Shroud of Heaven

ABOUT Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis
Sean Ellis enjoys a lifelong love affair with adventure.   His early years were spent emulating Tom Sawyer (though he campaigned for the role of Huck Finn in a grade school production thereof) on the banks of the Siletz River in Oregon.  As a teenager, he pursued an elusive pirate More...



On the bloody battlefields of Iraq, one man's quest to find God will unleash Hell. For more than a decade, Nick Kismet has traveled the world protecting priceless relics and cultural heritage sites from looters, while searching for answers to the mystery that has haunted him since the first Gulf War-a mystery that has defined his life. Now, a new war has brought him back to the bloody battlefield where his search began. Summoned by his friend and mentor, Pierre Chiron, Kismet soon finds himself on the trail of the holy relics of Solomon's Temple, captured centuries before by Babylonian conquerors and thought to be lost to history. But Chiron's quest is not merely to find ancient artifacts; he seeks to find proof-the very fingerprint-of God. Driven to uncover secrets that have haunted mankind for millennia, pursued by a mysterious assassin and an enemy consumed by hatred, Nick and Pierre journey into the desert to find the terrible truth that lies behind...The Shroud of Heaven. 

Dan Brown meets Michael Bay? The Shroud of Heaven blends the ancient mystery thriller with the explosive action of a Hollywood blockbuster. It's a nonstop thrill ride that will keep you guessing right up the end.