In Search of Yesterday, Mamma I hate you no more!

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By Rudi Becher

Publisher : Kies Publishing Company

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Rudi Becher



IN SEARCH OF YESTERDAY -Death of a Culture- is the true story of a little boy searching for his identity; for his biological father. It is the story of a boy born into a world of turmoil and havoc; a world where not all was well; where war, starvation and bombs; confusion, lies, and deceit; were the rule, and food, safety and happiness were the exception. It is the story of a little boy's fears and anxieties in a country far, far away where life was an uncertainty and death a looming promise; where the world was upside down. It is the true story of a little boy that found himself trapped in a country at war with itself, where human life was at the mercy of the Nazis during the Jewish holocaust - before 1945 - in Czechoslovakia - and at the mercy of the Czech Bolsheviks - after 1945 - during the Sudetenland holocaust -that drove untold millions of women and children across Europe's wasteland like cattle. But it is also the true story of a little boy, that, with the help of his family, and the generosity of the American people, rose above the devastation suffered and inflicted upon him as a child and became a man loved and respected by others. It is not a story of failure! It is, really, when you think about it, a story of success and triumph! Buy this book and judge:

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