The Origins of Christmas Songs and Traditions


By Rhetta Akamatsu

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Rhetta Akamatsu
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This charmingly illustrated book explores the origins and history of Christmas songs and traditions. It includes sheet music, lyrics, recipes, and poems as well as the tales of the origins of such popular songs as The Wassail Song, Good King Winceslaus, The Holly and The Ivy, and more. It also covers the origins of the Christmas tree, Wassail, gingerbread, and other Christmas traditions, tracing many back to their pagan roots.

I am fascinated by history, especially social history. I wanted to know the history of some of the Christmas songs and traditions that obviously predate the Christian holiday, so I began to write this little book. I added recipes for Wassail, gingerbread, plum pudding, etc., and sheet music for the songs, and thought it would make a great little Christmas gift book.