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ABOUT Deborah McCarragher

Deborah McCarragher
   Author Deborah McCarragher began her journey of creative writing soon after coming to know Jesus as her personal savior in 1989.  She enjoys using her spiritual gifts of encouragement and teaching in her home church.   The author’s candid approach makes this book an easy read, a More...


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to stand in the gap for your mate’s soul. This small book is a powerful tool for any woman who is married to a man who does not share her passion for Jesus.  Every woman knows someone who is struggling with this in their marriage.  MISSION POSSIBLE will encourage and challenge the reader to embrace God’s promises for their spouse and future together.  In this book you will:




·         Discover how to believe with radical faith for your spouse’s salvation


·         Learn the secret to “staying the coursewhile you wait for your promise


·         Find out why many women don’t like to share their “secret sorrow”


·         Overcome your own fears and doubts about your

husband’s future with God


·         Join other women in the knowledge that God has

a perfect plan of unity for you and your spouse




The author applies Scripture and practical action in this must have book.  MISSION POSSIBLE candidly portrays her quest over time to reach her husband for Christ. 



MISSION POSSIBLE was awarded the 2010 Gold Seal Award for best Christian Non-Fiction from Readers Favorite Book Reviews at  http://bit.ly/RFaszySf


This book is dedicated to women everywhere who love Jesus, but their spouse doesn't share their passion. Deborah wrote "Mission Possible" during a time in her walk with the Lord of intense prayer and bible study. After looking for a book on the subject for herself, she discovered there were few to be found. God inspired her to write about her personal testimony in a way that glorifies Him, and gives hope and encouragement to other women. She candidly portrays her quest over time to reach her husband for Christ. Deborah loves the Holy Word of God and applies the scripture in a practical way to everyday life. Her desire is to reach across denominational lines and minister to women everywhere. "Mission Possible" is a powerful tool to use in an unequally-yoked marriage.



Thank you for sharing your experience and your insight into an unyoked marriage. After 11 years of praying for my husband, I had given up hope. God placed your book in my hands at just the right moment. Biblical material written for women under our particular circumstances is hard to find. Mission Possible is full of scripture and practical advice. It will be a book I read over and over again. Thank you for being a part of restoring my hope. 



 Jill V.

As a Christ-centered Counselor in ministry for over 25 years, I find Mission Possible to be an important "must read" book for those who find themselves in a marriage where one partner is saved and the other is not. This would be the beginning of embracing Christ as Husband, and dying to self trying to change the earthly partner. It is in that surrender that one finds true peace and Christ can become Life.
 So many marriages go under because no one wants to embrace Galatians 2:20, that the life we now live, we live by THE FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD who LOVED US and GAVE HIMSELF for us. Only when we understand that it is His Faith, not ours, do we begin to appropriate the Word as living reality. Deborah does an excellent job delivering this message. I can only add a word of caution:  That is when one is in an abusive relationship where there is physical and mental harm, one is free to depart.  Departure is not then necessarily the end, but a time to rest while He works and reveals Truth...Truth that will set you free! 


     Drucilla Graham, M.A., Pres.

     Faith Fellowship Ministries, Inc.

     Jacksonville, FL




If your husband is unsaved, take heart.  A man is most likely to be led to faith in Christ by their believing wife.  The sacred Scriptures are not silent concerning your role as a believing wife

with your unsaved husband.  Deborah, has, in “Mission Possible”, expounded scriptures to encourage women to believe God with a “radical” faith for the salvation of their spouse.  She

helps women fulfill their role in the marriage for the salvation of their mate.  Give “Mission Possible” to any lady praying for the salvation of her husband.  In Jesus,



   Scott Yirka, Pastor/Teacher

   Hibernia Baptist Church

   Green Cove Springs, FL