Retail Ready

ABOUT Holly Christine

Holly Christine
Holly Christine is the author of The Nine Lives of Clemenza, a spiritual novel, and Retail Ready, a novel about one hellacious work-week in retail. She majored in English and Philosophy at Washington & Jefferson College and enjoys writing, reading and watching Lost. She resides in Pitt More...



A satire. Meet Kesey Maverick. First name Kesey: in Swahili, meaning born in time of great trouble for father. Last name Maverick: a lost calf, separated from its mother. After graduating from a prestigious college and failing to find work as a poet, Kesey takes up work as a bank teller with a large financial corporation in Pittsburgh. With a name that would cause Freud to pause for thought, Kesey develops theories regarding the flaws and failures of the bank, narrating the reader through one hellacious workweek. Starting with Monday brownies and ending with a baffling button, Kesey and her colleagues are in for more than they could ever imagine.