The Saint of Malibu Shores

General Fiction

By Christopher Harding

Publisher : Luminary Entertainment Group, Inc.

ABOUT Christopher Harding

Christopher Harding
Christopher Harding has been involved in the entertainment and media industries for 20 years. Having started as a songwriter and film score composer, Harding built and ran multiple recording studios and then graduated into producing music television music specials for MTV, ABC, CBS and oth More...


As she explores her feelings and her relationship with the mystical man she finds herself irresistibly drawn to, Kimberly finds that she has gotten herself into the middle of a deadly cat-and-mouse game of international proportions. A passionate novel of sensual intrigue, The Saint of Malibu Shores will keep you guessing until the very end.

For me, the book came about as I reflected on the story of a friend of mine. Her experiences were rather remarkable and led me to contemplate the idea of what would happen if a person appeared in our world today who was a Messianic or Christ-like figure? How would people react? What kind of political and social interactions might take place? By using my friend's story as the foundation of the storyline I was able to make the story much more personal and fulfill a very purposeful desire she had to get her story into people's hands. To be sure, the book is controversial and somewhat provocative, but ultimately the message is one that invites all of us to take a deeper look at our lives.

Absolutely loved it!  I had a hard time putting it down. Love the message. It IS THE message and it was delivered in a beautiful way. Thank you for writing it and sharing it.
~ Valerieann Giovanni

I have to say, now having read the book, that The Saint of Malibu Shores is a very captivating story. I found myself unable to put it down, as a matter of fact. The writer has done a great job of creating characters that you like and become attached to. Perhaps more importantly, the real story is one of a deep spiritual nature and though I have not really resolved the questions it brings up, I am still thinking about it days later. This is definitely a book I highly recommend to anyone who loves romance, adventure or the spiritual questions of our age.
~ Jennifer

The story reads like a detective novel you can’t put down. It's filled with the spirituality, sexuality, justice, peacemaking and surprise. It also reveals something compelling and beautiful about life’s dance with the Divine.

Well worth the read!
~ David J. Allen

A very engrossing ride that keeps you guessing if it's really fiction! It's well written and has a poignant message from Jesus that Christianity missed.
~ Don Kitto

A great read---Harding masterfully intertwined the elements that make it a hard book to put down. The elements of spirituality throughout the book takes one beyond the usual romance-suspense genre and puts it into a class of its own.
~ Nancy Bostick-Ebbert

I enjoyed the fresh approach of Christopher Harding in the Saint of Malibu Shores, creating alive and today characters who fully embrace life and love. The story unfolds in a way that is page turning and unpredictable yet leaves me with a bouyant faith in the human spirit.
~ Kathleen Zmuda

Christopher Harding has the ability to translate the beauty and clarity of his soul to the pages on which he writes. A true talent and a gift. I love this author and I love this book.
~ Emily Pearson