ABOUT Maria Rachel Hooley

maria Rachel Hooley
I've written over twenty novels, including When Angels Cry, New Life Incorporated, and the Sojourner series.  My poetry has been published in over 80 literary journals across the United States and United Kingdom.  I live in Oklahoma with my husband and three children.



Kaylee Renard has never taken the time for love.  Independence and financial security have always been top priority.  Besides, she believed there will be time for a relationship later, when she can fit it in.  In light of a terminal cancer diagnosis, however, her views change, and when Kaylee passes out and falls into a pond, Bastian Connelly, alone and suicidal, goes in after her, hoping that in trying to save Kaylee's life, he will end his own. But life isn't done with Bastian, and neither is love.  As Kaylee comes to love him, she wonders what she's missed and seeks to find whatever gifts fate might grant her.

I found the dynamics of a woman who is dying and a suicidal man needing enough hope to live an interesting concept as a love story. It's a reversal of sorts, but I think the concept worked.