Arising From the Insanity: The Written Works of Naomi R. Butler Arthur


By Naomi Arthur

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Naomi Arthur

Naomi Arthur
Mother of five children, grandmother of eight, and great-grandmother of three.  Writer/Poet/Author.  Published: Arising From the Insanity: The Written works of Naomi R. Butler Arthur, January 2009. I am a firm believer that God the Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God  More...



Because of our vulnerability as children, many of us suffered abuse, either by family members, a friend of the family, or by strangers, and it has always, always had long-lasting effects on the victim.  The scars left behind by abuse are constant reminders of our experiences; they will have an impact on our behavior and our relationships for a lifetime to come.  Our central thought becomes, "Who can I trust?"  "Can I ever trust again."  Please know that there is hope!  There is life after insanity--indeed, there is life after emotional death!  As you read of my experiences through poetry and chart the cognitive processes with me, I pray that you may see the light in the darkest of nights, for you are not alone, my friend.  This work is for you--my readers, my acquaintances, my friends, and my family.

Deep, dark, and horrid secrets can destroy a soul. They cause depression, contributes to mental illness and, many times, even suicide. But, if we can only have the courage to reveal that which we have hidden from others for so long, that secret can no longer have any power over us. For many years I knew that my story must be told, but when? How? Finally in 2009, my time came; the opportunity came for me to publish my story in poetry. I am pleased to offer Arising from the Insanity: The Written Works of Naomi R. Arthur to those who feel they are, or have been, trapped in the deadly cycle of abuse. You do not have to stay locked away in those prison walls, break yourself free. You have the right to happiness and independence. There is hope!

This is a very honest and wonderful piece of artistic work that will help anyone who has been a victim of abuse.The author's writing style and honesty in dealing with the tough subject of her abuse helps and allows the reader to understand their own history of abuse.

"A must read for anyone who has been a victim or was subjected to living in an abusive environment"!


J. Brooks