General Fiction

By Pat Corbitt

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Pat Corbitt

Pat Corbitt
Pat Corbitt first began writing professionally for publication in 1970 when he contributed a key chapter on innovative video recording technologies for the groundbreaking medical text, “Videotape Techniques in Psychiatric Treatment and Training” (Milton M. Berger, MD, Brunner/Mazel, Ne More...


D.S.E.V  -  The Synopsis

There’s more going on at the prestigious Shore Watch Deep Sea Institute than meets the eye. While Institute wunderkind, Dr. Emily Prescott, directs her deep-sea research sub into a 17,000-foot deep canyon in the Atlantic off the famous Jersey Shore, something goes terribly wrong. In a violent Nor’easter, her secret high tech research on the dangerous thiomargarita bacterium mutation and its links to ecological survival on Earth collides with an Alien invasion that arrives to pillage the Planet's natural resources. Is prominent Institute military patron, Admiral J. Karl Holabird, Covert Ops mastermind, the traitor who helped plan the invasion and intends to sell out his country and the World to the Invaders? Emily and her fragile team of scientists discover the answer and become the Planet’s only hope for survival.