New Life Incorporated

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Maria Rachel Hooley

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Maria Rachel Hooley

maria Rachel Hooley
I've written over twenty novels, including When Angels Cry, New Life Incorporated, and the Sojourner series.  My poetry has been published in over 80 literary journals across the United States and United Kingdom.  I live in Oklahoma with my husband and three children.



The Longevity Chip is a marvel of biotechnology-an implant that slows aging and ensures virtual immortality. It's safe, affordable, and guaranteed. Thousands have been sold, and thousands more are in production, quickly making New Life Incorporated the wealthiest, most powerful corporation on the globe. The fountain of youth, it seems, has at long last been found. But the Resisters aren't buying it; they suspect the Chip has some guarded, secret purpose, and seek the truth of its design. Still, truth often comes at great cost-as their increasingly violent confrontations with the Lifers, who defend the source of their newfound "salvation," attest. As far as Joe Ramsey is concerned, he'd just as soon stay out of it. But when he inadvertently thwarts the assassination of a key Resister, Joe is thrown headlong into a tangle of deceit, treachery, and intrigue that may prove New Life CEO Caleb Walker the most dangerous man on earth.

I used to wonder if the fountain of youth ever were found, how would it be marketed and would people believe in it enough to buy it. I knew I wanted the book to be a love story, but I also knew that based on my characters it would be an unconventional one, especially given the world where New Life takes place.

Not Run of the Mill
All in all a good story with the classic good vs evil without having the run of the mill plot. The reader will be treated to phrases and characters that will stick with them long after the last page has been turned.

-J. Grove

Sci-Fi and Romance--A Great Read!
The warmth and humanity of Maria Hooley's characters shine against the dark, cold Dal-Worth city and the evil Lifers. I, too, am a Resister.

Janie Lytle

What An Interesting World
This novel is quite different from the others I've read by Hooley. It's darker, grittier, and starker, yet despite this harsh setting so divided by Lifers and Resisters, there is a sense of humanity and an exploration of what it means to be human and alive.

Brit Erman