What To Do When You Become The Boss

What To Do When You Become The Boss

ABOUT Bob Selden

Bob Selden
Bob Selden is the author of the newly published “What To Do When You Become The Boss” – a self help book for new managers.  He also coaches at the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland and the Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney More...



What To Do When You Become The Boss is a self-help book for people about to move into their first managient role.  The author Bob Selden, has been a manager and coach of managers for over 30 years, so the book is very practical and easy to follow.

It allows the new manager to access the topics at their own pace and according to their own particular learning style.

Actual cases show how various concepts, models, techniques and strategies have been successfully impliented.  Each chapter has both a:

     “How to implient straight away” checklist and

     “Action plans for the longer term”

so the new manager can take action immediately and also plan for the future.

“What To Do When You Become The Boss” covers the full range of skills required of the new manager (in fact any manager) – leading, managing, motivating, team building, decision making, delegating, recruiting (and firing), managing performance, meetings, influencing others and managing boss and self.

Highly practical and constantly pushing personal reflection and action, “What To Do When You Become The Boss” is a fantastic reference guide which will help leaders all the way up the corporate ladder.

Mandy Leonard, Leader Values


I work a great deal with high potential people who have succeeded as experts or functional specialists and are trying to make an equal success of their first managerial role. Bob's book enables these people to access his many years of experience and his accumulated wisdom and put it to good use straight away. Not only is this book a bit of a 'New Boss's Bible', it lures you in through your own particular learning style and meets you where you will derive the most value. Rich with case studies, warnings, distilled knowledge and common sense, this book is an essential aide to anyone venturing into this territory for the first time. There is no other book like it!

G. Michelli, Managient Coach, UK.


Overall, What to Do When You Become the Boss is a highly effective book on the subject of managient and it ranks among the better books I have read on this subject. It is well- written with plenty of good advice and great organization to help the young manager reach his/her greatest potential. It's a handy book that all managers, both new and experienced, can benefit.

Bryan Carey, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer


I liked this book. It is full of good content, well written, and outlined pretty well. It is definitely a book I would recommend to someone who is going to be responsible for extracting maximum value from his or her subordinates whether they are in a small company or a huge company.  Read this book and see how a master of people skills manages successfully. 4 stars!

Jeff Lippincott, Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer


Selden has put it all together in one of the best managient handbooks I have ever read. This should be required reading for all new managers and a required refresher for everyone else. This is one of The CEO Refresher's best of the year!

Rick Sidorowicz "Publisher - The CEO Refresher"


Bob Selden sets out to equip the new manager with a practical toolkit of knowledge and techniques to help thi succeed. Given the scope of what managers have to cover, this is a big job.  In summary, this is an excellent and dense book that does what it says on the tin: helping new managers become successful managers.

David Straker, ChangingMinds.org


This book is packed with useful information that my review can not begin to cover, buy and read the book, it will be very beneficial.  The forward of the book sums up the books value: "You usually have to make a mistake before your boss explains how you should have done it. This book tells you how not to make mistakes in all the critical areas of leading and managing". I could not agree more.

Steve Burns, Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer


As a business coach, WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU BECOME THE BOSS by Bob Selden, is a book I will reference often. I found several really powerful ideas for more effective leadership and managient.  Don't get me wrong. You will find a few things you've heard before in one way or another, but you'll also find ideas that will definitely make you alter your approach. Overall, a good book for any level of managient. Easy to comprehend and covers a lot of territory.

Monty Rainer, Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer


Honestly, What To Do When You Become The Boss should be assigned reading for anyone in business school or for those who work within a large corporation. Not only will the advice offered in this book be beneficial to you and your career, but you will also help the company grow as a result. And we all know, if you help the company grow you will be rewarded. So if you want to be successful, I bly recommend this book – you and your career will thank me.

Great New Books


If you only have time to do just one thing, now that you are struggling with all the new challenges which have arrived with that recent promotion, buy this book and keep it in the top drawer of your desk – it will be one of the best investments you have ever made.

Jonathan Farrington’s blog


This book is perfect for entrepreneurs everywhere, it will help you grow your managient skills that you will use with your iployees, with vendors, with associates and with anyone you do business with.   I will highly recommend this book to my consulting clients.

Michelle Dunn, Neverdunn Publishing Inc