A Thousand Holes

General Fiction

By Wes Andrues

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Wes Andrues

Wes Andrues



This is the story of a young man who finds himself through donuts.  Jordan Swain has a hole in his life.  A 20-year-old college dropout, he is convinced his fortune will come in the form of something other than a diploma and a traditional career.  When he dreams of falling into a pool filled with donuts, he treats it as the vision he's been waiting for, and sets out to become a self-made donut mogul.  With a loan from his entrepreneur uncle, Jordan buys a dilapidated building and hires an elderly woman whose donut-making skills prove to be long past their prime.  He undergoes a series of unlikely events that not only teach him about business, but about the mixed assortment of people who surround him.