The Deadly Darts of the Devil

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Dana Rongione
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As Christians, we must battle Satan each and every day. It is our duty to be aware of the weapons that he uses so that we may better defend ourselves against his attacks. This book explores ten of the deadly darts used by Satan to weaken our faith and hinder our Christian growth.

Day after day I battle the devil. He wakes me up in the morning with doubts and accusations. He follows me around all day long reminding me of my past mistakes and filling my mind with distractions. At first I wondered why he seemed to want to bother me so much, but then I realized that all God's children fight this daily battle. I decided to share some of the things that the Lord had used to help me so that hopefully, others would find help as well. Thus, The Deadly Darts of the Devil was born.

Deadly Darts of the Devil addresses the insidious sins that creep into our lives, making it an ideal book to contemplate during one's daily devotions. The style is straight-forward and conversational, and it avoids the preachy, holier-than-thou tone prevalent in many Christian living books. It's a book to re-read and to share. - Tracy Revel, Delmar, DE

I not only enjoyed reading this book, but I have found it very enlightening and a great encouragment in my walk with the Lord. The devil would destroy us if he could and desires to wreck our lives and testimonies if at all possible. I would recommend this book to anyone who desires a closer walk with God and strength to face the fiery darts of Satan.
- Jerry James, Greer, SC

Great eye opener to enlighten one self to how quickly we can fall prey to the adversary. Wonderful Biblical references! - TR Travel, SC