ABOUT Chad Taylor

chad taylor
I am 35 years old, have a family, 3 girls and one boy, we live in NC.
I love working on old cars and spending time with the family.
I am a first time writer. I write horror, and just been published in MAY 2009, and have other works that I am working on.
Here are two of my s More...


Evil With In is a saga thats going to play out into four books.

The book takes you on a story of a child born evil. It shows you how the child develops from child hood to adult hood, developing his abilities as he grows; making him almost unstopable. Fear and rage develops his abilities, feeding his hunger for death. But he has a twin brother born nine months later, that has the same abilities, that has to stop him some how. This book will take you through emotion, love, even anger as you see how these events take place. Follow the saga to see how its played out.

I have been on book signings. My first at Walden books hendersonville NC blueridge mall and sold 18 books in an hour and a half. They said that is the most authors only sell about 4 to five books all day. Sumter SC at Walden books, I sold out, all 15 copies. So far I have sold over a hunderd books sence may and everyone is all ready asking for the second one.