Destined To Be A Survivor

ABOUT Jeannie Bradley

Jeannie Bradley
    Jeannie Bradley was inspired to write this book by the desire to help others. Her ambition is to connect with her readers by sharing her story. Her prayer is that women will no longer continue to live with abuse.



    This story is one of overcoming many of life’s challenges, against all odds. Along the way, many valuable lessons were learned including the secrets of how to become a survivor.

    Some young women fall in love, get married, and choose to become full-time housewives.

    Most of those couples will live happily ever after, which is what we plan for when we marry. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. These women are then unprepared, should they (or their children) become victims of abuse. Many of these women continue to live with abuse because they feel they don’t have any other options.

    Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, this book will show you that there are options! Both could learn to avoid or change this situation. It is never too early or too late to become inspired to take steps to ensure a happier life ahead.