My Incredible Struggle After the Accident

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2 men killed and 2 seriously injured
MORGUNBLADID , Tuesday September 23. 1975

(The Morning News)
The car-crash in Grímsnes:
2 men killed and 2 seriously injured
The condition of the two young men who now are fighting for their lives in The Borgarspitali (Reykjavik city's hospital) after their accident in Grimsnes ("Headland of Grimur") hadn't changed over the week-end according to latest information.

One of them, a 21 year old from Laugarvatn had
regained his consciousness, but the other, a 20 year old from Keflavik and the driver of the car was still unconscious. Both are badly injured, but the latter is in a critical state.
The two men,who died in this tragical accident were ...