Heartache & Sin

ABOUT Charles Soto

charles soto
I live in MN with my wife of twenty two years and my two daughters. When I'm not reading or working on my next novel I create many different relms of ceramic sculpture. I love riding Harley with my wife, Patty, even though she has a nicer Harley than me. I love all kinds of outdoor sports, More...



Love, hate, murder and church collide when a couple finds themselves at a painful crossroad, debating to abort or deliver their child of miracles. Set in North Dakota, Heartache & Sin has a little bit of everything: religion, sex, love, family and loyalty are just some of the elements that make up this story's rich plot. Steven Wheaton watches his wife Karen fall headfirst into a charismatic and manipulative preachers new congregation. Karen is diabetic, and her life is in danger when she discovers she pregnant. Soon Steven and the Preacher clash heads, not only over which house should hold her spirituality, but whether or not she will keep the baby. With finely crafted scenes and realistic dialogue, a plot twist lies around every corner, heightening the novel's suspense. With the final scenes of the novel keeping the readers on the edge of the their seats, the ending will leave them shell-shocked

On November 15th 2004 I suffered a horrific accident, falling 30ft down to a concrete slab. I suffered a left broken leg and head trauma, causing vestibuliar damage, causing my head to literally spin. It took years for me to recover and during 2005 is when I decided to return to my writting. I found a spiritual sense and presense within me that took me over, like God had a plan for me and that plan of course was writting again and continuing with my artwork (Creamic sculptures). It's still amazing that God spared me on that day, returning to nearly the same physical state I was in before the accident. I wanted to write a story where opinion overrides passion and passion evokes opinion. A story that faces the reader to look at life changing decisions-real delimmas. Women's issues are an explosive topic and hold an emotional bond that reflects in our everyday lives.

"...Soto offers readers an inventive twist..." Kirkus Discoveries review
"Soto...is a master.."  "...a plot twist around every corner..."
"...will keep readers on the edge of their seats, and the ending will leave them shell-shocked." ForeWord Clarion Review