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Jewelene Banks
I am a playwright and novelist who has authored 5 books and numerous stage plays for which I've received several awards. When I'm not writing,  I spend my time perfecting my stage play, BOY’S PULL YOUR PANTS UP, (formatted from the book) or on the internet completing research or up More...


Several men have displayed resentment concerning new anti-saggin laws. They claim that forcing them to pull up their pants will cause them to rebel even more. During my lifetime I’ve learned that first impressions are extremely important. While it may not seem fair--when you meet someone, you are immediately judged by your outward appearance. I’m encouraging young men to pull their pants up!!! No more peeking butt cracks because enough is enough!


By Harlonda Hodges

Celebrated novelist and playwright, Jewelene Banks stunned audiences once again with her exquisite stage play, “Boys Pull Your Pants Up!” Banks is the author of over 22 stage plays and four novels. "Boys Pull Your Pants Up" which is based on her newest novel, was brought to stage and pleased an audience of jam-packed well-wishers and critics alike. It featured a cast of colorful characters that made us laugh, cry and shout out loud!
       Banks turned the stage into a pulpit and ministered to a generation that appears to be lost. She ministered to them in a way that they could understand. It was absolutely amazing to watch them pull their pants up towards the end of the performance.

       As the story creatively unfolded, tears were streaming down the faces of every man, woman, boy and girl within the sound of the actor’s voices. It was all about real people dealing with universal family issues. The play focused on healing and understanding. It was complimented with a back-drop of powerful gospel songs and situation comedy. Most of the songs were written by recording artists, Anthony and Tarsha’ Hamilton. “I was impressed by the poise and style of Tarsha’ as she made her acting debut while singing songs from her new CD entitled, THE MCMILLIAN STORY which can be purchased at

       Actress, Harlonda Banks, portrayed the character of 97 year-old, Aunt Maggie. She was so hilarious; we were literally in stitches! Karen Stallings, Jimmy Rodgers, Kelvin Lawrence, James Ray, Courtney Trice and Robert Hunt, were second to none. Oh what a marvelous band! Kenny McCorvey and Company was truly awesome!

       People were in attendance from as far as Pennsylvania. There were buses filled with youth from Cleveland, Youngstown, Toledo and surrounding areas.

       Jewelene was overwhelmed while being presented with “The Queen of Black Theater 2008” award, from R-1 Productions. God has blessed her with a tremendous gift that she doesn’t mind sharing with those that dare to listen. The woman is brilliant! We are praying for the Lord to strengthen her and permit her to continue touching lives with her realistic messages. We are praying that she will bless us with the show once again in the city of Akron. We are praying that she will return by popular demand, the magnificent stage play, “Boys Pull Your Pants Up.” Special thanks go out to all of the churches, schools and organizations that gathered their youth groups and brought them out to see this great performance.

       Jewelene Banks’ book, “Boys Pull Your Pants Up,” can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Borders and on




       I am a young man who has decided to pull his pants up after reading your book and seeing your show. I have now forgiven my father who abandoned me. I want to say thank you, Jewelene Banks.

       Do you know that the world would not be the same without you? Allow yourself to accept this realization now, for it is true. The special gift that you’ve brought to the world would be missed if you were not here.

       You are a divine creation. There is no other person quite like you. There will never be another you. God has created only one of you. The world would lose some if its brightness if the light within you were not shining out into it. The day would seem less wonderful without the wonder of you.

       You are here by divine appointment. God knows best. It’s your time to bless the world with your talents and abilities the same way you have blessed me and my family. It’s your time to bless the world with your insight and appreciation. Just continue to be yourself and do your best.