Embrace & Celebrate Body, Mind & Fuel Confidence

Health, Mind & Body

By John Fitzgerald

Publisher : John Fitzgerald

ABOUT John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald
I am an Author of Promotion of Body, Mind & Soul  Confidence/Acceptance thru a Spiritual Awakening & Gratitude.
I have already completed my first two e-books, entitled
"Embrace & Celebrate Body, Mind & Fuel Confidence"
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Promotion of Positive Body Acceptance/Celebration thru Spiritual Awakening

To encourage all people, from all Races, Religions, All Sizes, to truly Love & Accept who they Truly are, To be Totally Grateful for All of the Gifts that they have been blessed with. We are All born with Talents, let's bring them to the surface.


My Dearest Kindred John ~ First and foremost, I personally would like to "THANK YOU," for your humblest friendship of truth, love and devotion.

You my brother have been such a treasure and HONOR to know. Second,as I reviewed your (book) thoughts of expression through your DIVINE personal evolution.

Your insight and awareness of ONENESS brought outward into the UNIVERSE is a true untainted gift to the many soul's who are seeking through despair and uncertainty- has/willcertainly guide them directly to the LIGHT within themselves. Thank you my brother for ALL that you are and will become... Know that you do not journey alone, I AM with you every step of the way.Either in spirit or through support - I AM ALWAYS with YOU, JOHN.

Continue to write, for your gift of words - were created as the DIVINE antidote to healing HUMANSUFFERING... I Bow to your EXISTENCE and I praise the day you arrived on this realm! We are all blessed and better human beings - because of you

JOHN. I adore YOU, for your humility and grace has been/is so ILLUMINATING to me...

Infinate Blessings my kindred brother!

ALWAYS In Oneness,

Yanett-Ordonez-Pallares - Washington D.C. USA21/01/2010


APPLAUDING you with fury my kindred brother! Infinite Blessings of Love, Grace and Humility! Thank you for sharing your personal heartfelt expressions in your profound and well written masterpiece... YOU are so Loved by the UNIVERSE and me!


Yanett-Ordonez-Pallares  - Washington D.C. USA21/01/2010




and just think...

the Author is my kindred brother!



Yanett-Ordonez-Pallares  - Washington D.C. USA21/01/2010




Hello John ,Embrace  Celebrate .... one of my energy driven thoughts inspired by you ! We just never know what words of encouragement from friends and family will change and affect our lives in such a huge and profound way . Love and Joy radiates from your spirit out into the universe . Thank You for being beautiful YOU !Always *                                                               Love Michelle Blake - Carolina, USA 15/01/2009

Hello John .

My goodness, thank you so much for sending me your e-book . I enjoyed reading this , you made it very easy to read by the way you formatted the lines . The fonts were great and the arrangement of words and sentences made the reading exciting for the eyes .

You have shared your wealth of Blessing with many of us . What a wonderful gift you have , Encouraging others to see beyond the social norms of this world is something special . You have taken time out of your busy life to care about others ability to find value and worth in self . Thank you for using your compassionate heart and for showing an example of how to take the first steps away from Fear and awaken to have courage . I wish you continued success in every area of your life . God is always establishing and directing you because of the alignment of your spirit & mind . Blessed to be a Blessing !

I look forward to reading the rest of your e-book collection thank you for sharing this one with me . I think they will make wonderful gifts for women I know . I am so smiling at you !

Michelle Blake - Carolina, USA 16/11/2009

Dear John,

Thank you , Thank you and a million thanks for such an inspiring and beautiful book!
I have been a little busy lately but finally read the whole book...You are a gift to the world John!!!
It moved me so much how you unconditionally share your radiant light and beautiful heart with this very motivational, inspiring filled with positive vibes and energies and lead the path to the freedom of the spirits...It leadth me to a higher awareness!

Thank you for pointing the way!

I made a video to lead people to this beautiful creation of yours! As it will serve as an inspiration to all I always make vids from inspirational vids that gives positive and loving energy ...I hope you don't mind...Please let me know if you will disapprove of it and I can always delete it from YouTube.And know that  I am a very open and understanding person.

Here's the link:


More blessings to you and your family John...And keep your radiant heart and light shining!!!

Love and gratitude,
Esther Bautista – Japan29/05/2009




THANK YOU SO MUCH for your e-book, John. It is truly inspiring!

I found it to be a wonderful tool for anyone seeking self-acceptance and confidence. It is also a wonderful reference of affirmation to believe in yourself in body and mind. We certainly can't expect others to believe in us if we can't believe in ourselves.

It is written simply, intelligently and with warm, personal charm. That says a great deal about it's writer.

Your "Stationwagon" is as sleek as a Porsche, smooth as a Rolls and as reliable as a chauffeur driven Limo carrying the President!

THANKS for the ride! :)
Jane E. Robertson  (aka: CURVY JANE) (NSW, Australia ) – 16/03/2009


“Embrace & Celebrate Body, Mind & Fuel Confidence” is a wonderful ebook that anyone can use as a tool when seeking assistance with self-confidence. I loved the personal stories and found them to be very inspiring. John Fitzgerald’s ebook is helpful, exciting and moving. Two thumbs up and a must read for everyone who is seeking inspiration!
Loved it John. Good Luck!


Nicole Rhodes ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – 03/03/2009



Most loving and generous John,
Yesterday was a holiday here in the USA "Presidents Day" and the children had the day off from school. So I had a great opportunity to read your wondrous book aloud with my 11 year old Isabella (depicted in this picture) it was so empowering as women to
declare ourselves independent from all the stuff that no longer serve us and embrace all the attributes that we have been given and come to the realization that life is so beautiful and that we tooare a divine creation of God just as all the marvels of the world!
We sure love repeating the after shower mantra:

"I am a Heavenly Creature Made in the Image of
My Creator and Thank You So Much & I am So Happy & Grateful for all that Ihave"

This book is great for women and men of all ages, and the perfect gift for very young girls as well to boost up their confidence level and not get swallowed by the wrong images and ideas that society, the media and their young friends impose on them!
Once again, I thank you from the deepest part of my soul.
Blessed be!
Margarita Bromley( San Francisco USA )  18-02-2009


Dearest John,
Thank you so much for allowing me to read your wondrous e-book! Wow! It's simply amazing!
It really goes directly to the heart and awakens so many truths!
You reminds us to claim the many blessings that we
have been given, theinfinite power within us, andmost of all that we are not a mistake or problem to be solved! We are whole and perfect as we are!
My deepest love, admiration and gratitude,

Margarita Bromley( San Francisco USA )  17-02-2009


“I have already read four glorious chapters and I'm truly enchanted by it. Your book sure flows effortlessly and goes straight to the core of the soul!

I really love it! You are so articulate and down to earth. Your writing is clear, simple, truthful, not sugar coated and so easy to digest and get inspired by it.

The personal life experiences that you share are so enlightening and humbling.

Thank you for taking the time to open the contents of your beautiful heart to bring forth so much light, love, healing, empowerment and transformation to the world, through your music, poetry, writing and everyday life!

I'm deeply grateful and honoured to be reading your sacred work.

Blessings to you, your beautiful wondrous wife and precious children for making countless sacrifices in order to bring forth awareness and glorious spiritual awakening to the earth.

Peace and gratitude”

Margarita Bromley  ( San Francisco USA )  06-02-2009


"It is inspiring, and a needed reminder about the power of attitude in our lives. It certainly is a good tool for those with low self-esteem and confidence, whose numbers are many. Although your words have been spoken before, for example in the readings of Rhonda Byrne in "The Law of Attraction", it is always helpful to hear them again, from a different perspective. I have practiced the concepts in your book."

India Alar Moon ( Author ) ( Wyoming USA )  09-02-2009








"I finished reading your book tonight. It is full of inspiring words & encouragements. I thank you for those reminders. I needed it especially with the journey I and my family are in.  You are right, it is very important to have belief and faith in yourself. Thank you for just being you."

Luz Jorgensen  09-02-2009



“I have read your E-Book & I think it’s great

Debbie Abdou  08-08-2008


“I have read your E-Book & I think it’s great

Iliui Talimalie  08-08-2008


“I am enjoying this very much. Congratulations & well done!”

“Yes, I did read Your E-Book, and enjoyed it very much! I really like the points you make in it, and will read it again and again when I need inspiring. Thank You So Much for sending it it to me! Please let me know if you will be selling copies…so I can post the news to all my friends”

Susan Masino ( Author ) ( Wisconsin USA )  12-06-2008 & 25-07-2008  


 I think you have some wonderful ideas, obvious much love and care for your fellow human beings”

Cathy Miller   LOVE YOUR BODY Project    11-07-2008


“It is good I understand where you are going with this and I think it offers a lot" 

Liz Scriven01-06-2008        


“OMG , I have only read the first page of Your Book & I am totally loving it" 

Alice Kapaith30-05-2008   


“It’s with great pleasure that I have finished this… I have read it cover to cover and enjoyed it immensely.”

Michelle Springett08-04-2008


“Hey I love the book I have finished it, I love it you really know where to hit. I shall keep it to read it again”

 Fay Martini 11-03-2008 & 21-03-2008

“I enjoyed your book and I could understand it all really well”

Amy Burgess15-03-2008


“Am reading Your book, I think it’s a masterpiece, Love the content”

Anna Aveledo20-03-2008


“I Love the Content. I’m going to read it again”

Penny Trim 21-03-2008


“Love the concept and some of the unusual and visual terms you have used. Thank you once again for the opportunity to read your Inspirational Masterpiece.” “Have now finished it and loved it.  Have highlighted stuff that really struck me.  I'd love to talk to you about it.”

Donna Rykoff  01-04-2008 & 07-04-08