Mystery & Thrillers

By Ken McConnell

Publisher : GB Press

ABOUT Ken McConnell

Ken McConnell
Ken McConnell has been writing creatively since he was a teenager. He has had several short stories published and two novels. Ken resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two sons.

You can reach Ken at his blog, MyView, or follow him on Twitter - his user name is @KenMcConnell More...


The man in the cubicle beside him was dead. The police say it was a heart attack, but programmer Joshua Jones knows better. A message he found in the dead man's code points to a psychotic hacker who can strike through the internet, leaving no trace. Relying on the advice from his tech savvy friends, Joshua must solve the mystery of who the killer is and how he attacks before Joshua becomes his next victim.
"Null Pointer is an excellent blending of computer technology, programmer knowledge and the traditional mystery." - Angela Abderhalden, author of Questionable Ethics

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