Lucy And The Magic Factory

ABOUT Joe DeMonte

Joe DeMonte
I am a guy who enjoys writing.  I have been published and have written many short stories and also two screenplays.



Lucy, a lovable, perky and curious 10 year old, has a fascination

for magic and all that goes with it. When her father bestows upon

her a trip to a theme park, known as The Magic Factory, Lucy is

enthralled. Once there, Lucy gets separated from her family, and

winds up in an off limits section of the theme park. There, she

meets up with some zany, but wonderful, characters. She has

the time of her life there, but when she reunites with her family,

they do not believe what she experienced. Thus, Lucy sets out,

along with her loyal best friend, Krista, to gain 'proof' of her recent

encounter by returning to The Magic Factory on their own. She

and Krista go through peril after peril doing so, but finally manage

to set the record straight. In the end, Lucy discovers what real

magic is! Appropriate for kids, ages 8-12. [children's story]



There is no story BEHIND this work.