Passion of Thunder ("Thunder Trilogy" Book 2)


By Linda Mooney

Publisher : Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

ABOUT Linda Mooney

Linda Mooney
Linda loves to write romance with a fantasy or science fiction flair. Her technique is often described as being as visual as a motion picture or graphic novel. By day she is a Kindergarten teacher, wife, and mother of two who lives in a small south Texas town near the Gulf coast. But at ni More...


An erotic fantasy romance novel by Linda Mooney.  Book 2 of the "Thunder" trilogy.  #1 Best Seller from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid


"While Passion of Thunder could be considered a stand-alone novel, I highly recommend reading Lord of Thunder first as a lead-in to the beginning of this book. Passion begins a bit slow and without the impetus of book one, the reader could very well make the huge mistake of putting this book down before the plot picks up pace. And believe me, it does, flowing as smoothly as warm butter from one chapter to the next and from one situation to another. Throughout the story, I felt as if I were in a symbiotic relationship with Annie, enjoying her good times and suffering along with her through the bad. The powerful and sensual sex scenes between Annie and Rion add a deep, abounding passion to their devoted relationship. Rion's commitment to Annie drew me to him more than any fictional hero ever has. I will be waiting anxiously for the December 15th release of Wings of Thunder, the third and final book in this exceptional one-of-a-kind series by Linda Mooney."