Will My Morning Ever Come

Christian Books

By Patricia Yarbrough

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Patricia Yarbrough

Patricia Yarbrough
I am an author of two exceptional non fiction books titled "A Silent Scream and "Will My Morning Ever Come'. I am a survivor of a homicide.



Will My Morning Ever Come is a phenomenal and genuine authentication of how amazing God's mercy is when you follow His path.  Through my divine walk of faith I stumble upon countless barriers that I could not have conquered without Him.   God sent me through the storm; I found the faith to calm it. God put high mountains in my path; my faith moved them. God sent me from a home to homelessness and I made it.  

This book will inspire you, give you strength, build your faith and make you appreciate the compassion of a loving and merciful God.

I went from having a home too homelessness.I was determined to fight until the end to survive something I never encountered in my life being homeless. It was a very scarey time in my life, I couldn't give up.