Engaging the Sons of Darkness

Mystery & Thrillers

By Barbara Smitherman

Publisher : Tate Publishing

ABOUT Barbara Smitherman

Barbara Smitherman
I am the Author of Engaging the Sons of Darkness. The Pastor of Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center Inc.,  a Registered Nurse and Instructor of the Certified Nursing Assistant Program for Oklahoma State University


True Darkness has decended upon Evansville, Oklahoma.  Set deep in the Jack Fork Mountainsm the town that sits upon a imaginary throne isolated in time will soon be the catalyst for controlling not only the town that time forgot, but also the entire world

Engaging the sons of darkness came about due to my intense sudy of the spiritual realm and the studies of spiritual warfare. I thought that it would be interesting to watch as this warfare unfolded folded in a true to life story.

Mystery novels, especially those involving the supernatural, are currently quite popular.  However, they often suffer from a lack of attention to the uniquely subtle means by which the real powers of darkness interact with human society.  This is not so with Smitherman’s Engaging the Sons of Darkness.


The human characters will seem familiar to the reader because they will closely resemble some they have known.  The supernatural characters will be equally familiar, being those revealed in the Bible. Though written as fiction, the truth behind the basic plot line is very real.


Those who appreciate the power of mystery to weave truth into reading will not be disappointed with Engaging the Sons of Darkness.  Satan will never stop his scheming until forced to do so.  Nevertheless, those who already know that the master plan of the “King of Darkness” is doomed to failure, will find Smitherman’s unique approach engaging and enlightening.


Sincerely in Christ
D. Frey, Th.D., President