Stump's in the Cellar

Children's Books, Humor

By Jeff Smallman

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Jeff Smallman



Colin Whilliker's parents have just bought an old house in the country, and are in the process of fixing it up. But Colin, a typical little boy, is more interested in exploring the fields around his new home. Imagine his surprise when he stumbles across his neighbours in the last place he could have expected.

Bertram and Hennifrid Stump, an odd couple to say the least, live inside a hill behind Colin's house. Bertram is less than pleased at the new development. He tells Colin, "Well I don't want neighbours! Neighbours is noisy and always nosing about looking at this and peeking at that. I won't stand for it, you hear?"

Colin decides to keep his discovery to himself and embarks on the beginnings of a friendship with another neighbour, Tish Davies, a tomboy
determined to trap a couple of "strange animals" she's seen lately. Colin is sure she's talking about the Stump's and finds himself in a
predicament. He doesn't want to have another run-in with Bertram, but he doesn't want to see them get hurt, either. He decides to warn the Stump's, and in the process begins to gain Bertram's trust.

The situation develops until Colin is asked to watch the Stump's home while they visit relatives for the day. The result is a free-for-all. One of Tish's traps finally works, smoke ends up pouring through the Stump's "windows", the fire department is on its way, and there are still a few surprises in store for everyone.

11 chapters, ideal for the 7-10 age group

This book was written for my two youngest children who have always been eager to hear more stories. I hope that never stops!