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Tom Gauthier
Novelist and Playwright, Acting Coach/Director, World Traveler, Lecturer and Communications Consultant. Doctorate in Psychology, Masters in Business Administration - Add it all up over a forty year career and it produces some neat plots to develop for your entertainment!
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The Vice President of the United States working with the Communists to undermine President Roosevelt? President Truman lays the groundwork for the tragic Vietnam War in 1945? History may be stranger than the fiction in this book. The World War II China/Burma/India Theater of Operations was a confusing array of competing interests and undefined battle fronts.

Major Amos Mead, USMC, on assignment with the OSS, is thrust violently into enemy territory and endures a trek from Burma to China marked by death and survival to pursue his mission – a mission that evolves beyond his knowledge by the intrigues of governments and corrupt officials that may include the Vice President of the United States. Assumedfriends become enemies, assumed enemies become friends, as Mead finds himself drawn into a struggle that has its roots in the previous millennia.

Amos Mead's character developed in the novel "Code Name: ORION'S EYE", and now blossoms in Gauthier's second historical fiction story from World War Two and the American OSS operations. Mead gets thrust into the little known theater of war - CBI or China Burma India - where front lines of combat are fluid and friends become foes/ foes become friends, as real people lived and died in obscurity. The story touchs the real-life events of 1943-44 that, unknown to most Americans, became the smoldering fuse that exploded into the Vietnam War; a war that as you will learn could have been avoided! The political intrigue is based on fact, surprising fact.

"Gauthier weaves a compelling story of intrigue, action and romance."    Lis Wiehl, author of Face of Betrayal and FOX NEWS analyst

“. . . edge of your seat action . . . impressively accurate descriptions of the war . . .”     Judge F. Donald Sokol, WWII B-17 Pilot, decorated veteran of twenty-four missions over Germany and the last raid on Berlin.

“Amos Mead's a gem, and he's back in this sequel to Orion's Eye, better than ever. Thanks to Gauthier's strong characterization, his leading man has grown and deepened in Mead's Trek, and his readers will be wanting more.”
Kristopher Franklin, internationally published suspense novelist and editor. Author of Silvercat, The High San Juan, and Relentless

 Mead's Trek revives convincingly and well nigh accurately the period covering the end of World War II in Southeast Asia, particularly in what was known at that time as French Indochina. In this historical novel, agents of the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S) and other American officials interacted with the Vichy French government of Indochina, the Japanese army of occupation, the Chinese officers of Chiang Kai Shek and the Viet Minh, a Vietnamese anti-fascist, anti-colonial and pro-independence movement fostered by the Communist Party of Indochina.    TRUONG BUU LAM - noted Vietnam Historian