Puri: The Coming of Paradise

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Robin Clark
Robin Clark is a trained film editor, registered homeopath and the writer of these new generation of spiritual books. Based on sacred geometry and holographic fractal narratives, Robin brings words and art together to create the highest in spiritual healing. These books may be read as uniq More...



Puri is a spiritual book written for children on love and compassion.
A children’s spiritual development book that tells the story of love and friendship, kindness and compassion of the soul. Children are born spiritual and usually awake to their own presence and so it is the child who connects with you while the book is being read. Seeing through the eyes of a child you begin to learn the virtues for spiritual transformation. It is a true story of a young boy on holiday in Bali who befriends a homeless, hungry and pregnant dog and together they embark upon a 'high seas' adventure taking them beyond anyone's wildest dreams!

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This story is about a real dog. Puri has been adopted by a family living on Lembongan Island, Indonesia. By purchasing this book you will be helping other street dogs in Bali as well as educating children about animal welfare. 10% of profits of this book goes to the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) - A non-profit animal welfare organisation dedicated to reducing the number of unhealthy and neglected street dogs living in Bali, Indonesia. www.bawabali.com

"I just received your book "Puri" that I ordered last month. I love it; it's very touching and beautiful. 4 years ago I travelled to Bali, and it has remained in my soul ever since. As a veterinary technician, I wasn't used to the Balinese dogs roaming the island, mistreated etc. It broke my heart. When I discovered this book and that you were going to donate 10% to the Bali Street dog foundation, I was touched. It's a treasure, artistically as well as the style of writing and incorporating the Balinese/Indonesian language. It's a wonderful book, thank you for creating it. Amanda's artwork is magical. Thank you again." 
- Marie DeStefanis, Vallejo, California

"Thank you! I am absolutely in love with this book and will be giving it to my niece as a birthday gift from our dogs. The book is absolutely beautiful." - Tonya Gabrielli