General Fiction

By Dr. Albert Honig

Publisher : North Street Publishers

ABOUT Dr. Albert Honig

Dr. Albert Honig
I studied with Theodor Reik in psychoanalysis and John Rosen in psychosis. I'm clinical professor in psychiatry at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and cofounder of the Delaware Valley Mental Health Foundation. My books include The Awakening Nightmare, China Today:Sin or Vi More...


An original, adventurous, entertaining, humorous, amazing story of a young psychiatrist and his wife as their marriage is bombarded by the intense involvement with some of the world's sickest mentally ill.
The narrative  is full of the doctor's soul searching, fascinating insights, and personal agonies, as he explores the minds of his patients.
The patients tell their own stories—some bizarre, others strange and unworldly. All simply human.
The marriage becomes strained—shocked by an accident to an only child and the horrors of a criminal trial.
The ending is surprising.

Eighty-five percent of readers have some experience with some form of emotional disfunction. We all experience the highs and lows of depression.Everyone can identify with some of the characters. "There goes, accept for grace of God goes me."