Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Ken Bossone

Publisher : Frederick Fell Publishers,inc.

Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power

ABOUT Ken Bossone

Ken Bossone
Ken Bossone is president of the World Positive Thinkers Club, which includes over 500 celebrities of the sports and business world.  Members include Joni Earickson Tada- paralyzed author and artist, Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid, Tom Brady, Peyton & Eli Manning, Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade More...



“Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power” is leading the next generation of positive self-help, business and success books by revealing the main ingredient that over five hundred World’s Positive Thinkers Club Members —all-time top global leaders— possess. “Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power ” is based on 10 years of extensive research and was researched and written to be understood by people of every age race and creed.


This must read book reveals why and how the mega-successful see invisible opportunities, overcome fear to take on the risk necessary to expand success, rise above defeating circumstances, maintain persistence, continually raise their standards, overcome impossible odds, become extraordinary, obtain unstoppable faith in themselves and become the ultimate positive thinker, thereby leading to greater peace of mind and true happiness.  Many leaders such as Larry King and Lance Armstrong have the book.


For the past 10 years he has put his career on hold to research and write why people don’t reach goals and to discover and share the real secret of those who do. During his research and ten year journey he discovered the three-word motto of all winners, which he happily promulgates in this astounding, totally enjoyable book. It was not all fun and games, as Ken paid the ultimate price, by facing his own unbelievable personal tragedies and hardships, which you will read about, but never once lost his positive attitude. This book is like none other before, and a true self help book has reached the book stands. Don’t read this book if you don’t like to get involved by doing a little work to achieve the rewards mentioned in the poignant pages. “If you want to leave footprints in the sands of time, you must wear work boots.”

“It’s so refreshing to read and hear about positive people and positive thinking.  Ken Bossone is the first to document it correctly.

—Roxanne Batson, Managing Partner-Women Corp.com-

“Ken is so amazing, and he puts others before himself with his book and demeanor.”

—Susan Barnes, Author, businesswoman and two-time guest on the Rachael Ray show-

“Ken’s book is excellent-a lot of research went into it.”  It proves with humor and seriousness alike that you can really enjoy finding the true way to success and happiness.  You will not be able to put this fantastic book down.”

—Len Johnson, CEO Pac West Chem-author and business and marketing guru-

“Ken Bossone has delivered an inspiring compilation of research and true stories of why positive thinking works.  I got hooked and just had to share parts of the book.”

—Debbie Wolf-Associate Producer, Inside success radio.-

“What a motivating read! Be proactive and learn the real positive thinking, the most essential ingredient to happiness, health and abundance.”

—Dr. Proactive (Randy Gilbert)

“Ken Bossone’s book uses real life examples and the wisdom of some of history’s greatest thinkers:  Lance Armstrong, Vince Lombardi, Oprah, Einstein, Winston Churchill, Bruce Jenner, along with a host of everyday people who have done extraordinary things because they believe in positive thinking.  An inspiring must read book.”

—Stacey Kannenberg, Author, Publisher of children’s books and successful businesswoman.-

“Ken’s examination of this innate capacity we all share to excel moves the gender forward from self-help to self-realization.  Great motivational material.”

—Christine Patti, Certified Natural Health Professional.-

Ken was a fun and motivating guest. He delivered well-researched stories and insights from his book to our listeners.  He is an expert on sharing positive thinking.”

—Jodie Lynn, award winning internationally syndicated parent/health columnist, author and radio host.-

“This book is really different.  It is specially written for people who want to be different and MAKE a difference.  Ken reveals in plain English what turns the timid into Tigers.”

—Sharon Iezzi, Inspirational speaker and writer.-

“Ken is an advocate of his sincere message. Think Positive!  It is evident that Ken has burnt a lot of midnight oils’ to do the research.  His book is a must for every household.”

Fatima Gulamhusein, Business Analyst.

“I never read self-improvement books, but I find this book thoroughly enjoyable.  I highly recommend Ken’s passionate book to parents and children who have a strong desire to be positive, and who are truly serious about going for the gold medals in life.”

—Shirley Cheng, blind and physically disabled prodigy, motivational speaker, poet, author of five books and called the modern day Helen Keller.-

“I whole heartedly endorse Ken’s book to all those who are ill or well, as it can do nothing but motivate and help to enhance one’s power over difficulties or affliction.  Ken’s book has the power to pull you onto the path to greater well-being if you put into practice its teachings.”

—Dr. Amaya Caso, LDS Hospital Salt Lake city, Utah

“Very, very insightful-challenging and very well thought out.”

—R.T. Jones Bishop, African American Bishop-Pastor

“There are many reasons why Ken’s book should be in everyone’s library. You will need this book many times in your life. Be prepared.”

—Thelma Gray, Advertising Federation of America Woman of the Year Award, Public Relations Hall of Fame Member.-

“Finally a book that shows why men and women do not meet goals and proves conclusively how to change that around to a positive conclusion.”

—Glenn W. Turner, Sharecroppers son, hair lip, 8thgrade dropout, turned multi-millionaire and American of the Year.-