Thought Into Form

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Mark Siet

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Mark Siet

Mark Siet
Author, musician, songwriter, poet, mystical dreamer, kabbalist.


What you have within 286 inspiration filled pages is a map leading directly to your hearts desire.  Two hundred eighty-six pages primed full of what you can conceive of in the moment and over time.

This is the heroes quest of the mind seeking its own beginnings in order to chart your own course into the unknown.  It is the ultimate Self Help collection of the way things work!

Here you will learn to understand the intimate process of thoughts becoming form. 

Learn by direct inquiry, parable, short story, and affirmations.

What if you knew that just by picking up this book, you could bring about a change in your life, make the chaos into order, and the sadness into joy?

Everything has meaning. All thoughts, experiences including those within that only you may find by meditation and inner discovery. After noticing that many times events would follow thoughts I began to study this phenomena everywhere until it was overflowing within me which produced this book Thought Into Form.