Unexpected Knowing


By Liz Cosline

Publisher : publishamerica

Unexpected Knowing

ABOUT Liz Cosline

Liz Cosline
Life Ownership Coach - certified/Team Enhancer.  In business for over 22 years receiving several awards for team management and enhancement.

Write articles and tips on team building, business, also poetry, and do workshops.

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Second in a trilogy with One Voice being the first about life changing and the struggle of figuring out the new directions life would take.

The questions were asked. A deeper sense that there are reasons.

"Through this book Liz Cosline shares an incredible, profoundly personal near-death experience of God and how it continues to change her life and relationships. Like mystics through the ages, she struggles to find words to convey her nearly indescribable encounter with God, and succeeds admirably with tone and style in ways that touch the reader's heart and soul." Dr. and Rev. Theodore Loder

Liz Cosline's account of personal transformation is a courageous exercise in spiritual openness. Her words invite us to make our way into deep change and into the fuller life Christ spoke of. This is a love story...an account of cravings both human and divine. Cosline invites us to step out of our comfort zones, and in her own unique way shows us how to take responsibility for a deeper relationship with God." Rev. Jared A. Rardin-Senior Pastor South Congregational Church, Concord, NH Journey with her.