What Boundaries? Live Your Dream!


By Lisa Chavis & Cheryl MacDonald

Publisher : Wander Press

ABOUT Lisa Chavis & Cheryl MacDonald

Lisa Chavis & Cheryl MacDonald
We took a chance to live a dream. To travel around the world and write a book about those adventures. Though we had no idea there would be so many laughs along the way. This book is to help others find the courage and motivation to live their own dreams. Come with us as we visit twelve cou More...



Two women. Twelve countries. One enormous backpack and a dream to see the world!
Come laugh along with us!

When two professional women in their forties decide to sell everything that won't fit into a large backpack and travel the world, people begin to worry. With very different traveling styles - one prefers 5-Star while the other is more comfortable in dive bars - their adventure of a lifetime is guaranteed to produce smiles! Whether it was being attacked by wild horses on a muddy Austrian hillside, falling down on a moving stairway in Nice, tossing tomatoes in Spain, or searching for Hemingway's Ghost in Paris - these ladies invite you to see the sights through their eyes. Come laugh along and enjoy!