Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?

ABOUT Laura Hinds

Laura Hinds
I'm a born and raised New England girl, married to the love of my life, and we live with two cats- Sophie and Ollie.  I love to read- it is my true passion, but I always wanted to write as well.  I've done a fair amount of freelance writing, had my own "Getting Personal" column More...



What happens when a young woman has partial amnesia and finds herself face to face with people who know more about her than she does herself? Throw into the mix garden gnomes who move at will, an incontinent lizard, a food stealing roommate and a fun loving retirement home pal--not to mention Banana Cream Pies and trying to learn a whole new way of life. Humor, Mystery, Romance, and even a touch of Science Fiction and you'll find yourself lost in this book!

I always wanted to write a book, but put it off like most people do for "someday". Well, someday came and hit me in the head when I learned of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which happens every November with a great supportive online and offline group community. One day before the event began, I signed up. Vowed to use the first words I heard the next morning as the title. Hubby was up, getting ready for work and said "Are you gonna eat that banana?" I had to stick to my guns and that was the title! From there the characters named themselves and told me there story, bit by bit. I finshed with nearly 65,000 words when only 50,000 were required! Won publication from CreateSpace and after months of editing the book was up and running and is now in some local stores, at libraries, but mostly available at Sequel this November? You betcha!