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Rhetta Akamatsu
I am an author, freelance writer and website builder. I write about my two loves, the paranormal and the blues. The common ground between my loves is history. I love history. My latest book is The Irish Slaves, a  non-fiction account of a little-known part of Irish history. The one before More...


Stories and recipes to make your own craft supplies: glue, paint, holiday craft supplies, clay, and much more! Great for teachers, children, parents, childcare workers, Sunday School teachers, and grandparents! Making your own craft supplies is easy, inexpensive and fun!

While I was creating my weekly newsletter for children of safe, fun websites, Fabulous Freebies and Fun Links for Kids, I kept running across great recipes for creating all sorts of craft supplies, from glue to fingerpaint, watercolors, clay, and many, many more. I decided to collect them for my grandchildren and to share with others who might love the idea of knowing exactly what is in the craft supplies their children are using, as well as the budget-friendly and ecological nature of using ingredients you already have at home! Who knew you can even recycle dryer ilnt to make clay, for instance? Or what mom of a toddler wouldn't appreciate edible clay and fingerpaint? So, that is the story behind this little book. I added the stories, starring my grandchildren just for fun!