The Xandra Function

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Alan Cash

Publisher : Bloodstone Books

ABOUT Alan Cash

Alan Cash
Alan Cash is a literacy teacher, teaching English as a foreign language. He traces his love of telling stories to his mother, who used to invent wondrous tales of Pink Chicken and The Marmalade Cat. He has been writing ever since he could hold a pencil, and when he discovered science fict More...


Part love story set in the world of computer gaming and part thriller, "The Xandra Function"  is about Francis McCallister, who invents an immersive computer game that involves all the senses. Afraid of what use her employers are going to put it to, she steals it and then gives the second generation, with a truly effective brain/computer interface and partially sentient game characters, to her lover, to hide it.But then the game gets into him and the characters start to become wholly sentient...And a rival  consortium wants it- but for a wholly different reason..

The background to "The Xandra Function" is the ever increasingly competitive computer games industry, and what may happen when a computer programme absorbs enough human input from the next generation of totally immersive game playing involving complete human brain and computer memory interface. What will happen then? Can a computer differerentiate between what is "real" and what it thinks is "real"?

Fran McCallister is an intriguing creation- part geek, part female James Bond.The novel rattles along at an ever accelerating pace.
Recommended for anyone who enjoys intelligent imaginative thought provoking science fiction.
High level of suspense.
Less Sci-Fi- more a Romance

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