Life's Comedy of Errors

General Fiction

By Jo Young

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT Jo Young

Jo Young
After departing Liverpool, clutching my Ba Hons degree after three years of intense hard work, study and of course just the odd evening of socialising, I spent the next 15 years working in the voluntary sector.  I specialised in many aspects of fundraising, working and raising money for l More...



In this light-hearted and easy to read compilation of short stories, Jo Young gives us a privileged glimpse into her personal everyday life as she takes us with her on various excursions into what should be normal everyday events. However, with this Author nothing remains normal for long and her seemingly innocent and simple outings soon turn into 'comedy and error' scenarios. This delightful collection of light-hearted snippets is centred around the humorous events which she encounters as she innocently embarks upon her various undertakings. Mundane situations suddenly turn complicated when Ms. Young is around, and she has invited the reader to share them with her, in the hope that they will bring a smile to the face and a spring to the step as she uncompromisingly and humorously recounts her experiences and observations. "Life´s Comedy of Errors" is suitable for all ages, and is particularly ideal for that ten minute coffee break or as an accompaniment with which to travel.