The Constellation of Omens


By Deborah Simpson

Publisher : Deborah Simpson

ABOUT Deborah Simpson

Deborah Simpson
Internationally acclaimed Author, Deborah Simpson, has revolutionized the tomes of poetry and inspiration by meticulously combining these two crucial genres within her volumes of uniquely chaptered renderings. She has been and continues to be widely honored for her extraordinary insights.  More...


Government. Disasters. The New World Order. Salvation.

Mankind has been witness to great disasters and the looming fear of the end times has increased dramatically. Civilization is no longer what it once was. We are threatened with tyranny, global destruction, religious warfare and the eradication of our freedoms and liberties.

Deborah is a leader in delivering inspiration across the globe in a world too often encased with disparity and affliction. In her classic, uninhibited style, she delves into some of the most prevalent and bleak issues plaguing our way of life today – while providing hope and faith throughout. Where is our world going? What is in store for mankind? What can we do to salvage our mortal existence? How can the end times be stopped?

The Constellation of Omens will frighten, inspire and leave you awe struck with world predictions and biblical prophecies as never before witnessed, realized nor contemplated. Truly, a discerning and fascinating read.

I began writing this book in June, 2008. The information in this book was completely channeled to me. I had a deadline to publish this book by January 31, 2009 and I made the deadline by the skin of my teeth. I have either psychically heard, envisioned or experienced everything I have written.



“Deborah Simpson in her latest release, The Constellation of Omens, takes the reader on a ride of soul searching and deep thought. She leads the reader on a path of events that lead all of us to understand that we are living in the last days. She cites instances and events that show what is coming if we as Americans don’t wake up and understand that we are allowing ourselves to be destroyed from within. If this book doesn’t wake all of us up then we are indeed lost.” – Yvonne Mason, Author – Silent Scream, Brilliant Insanity, Stan’s Story: A Touch of Love.


“Insightful, thought provoking.... Chilling! Deborah Simpson makes us all question our existence. A must read for anyone with an open mind.” - Film Director J.L. Botelho - Into the Basement, The Killing Lens, Dying for Attention 


"Deborah Simpson's bold attempt at traversing the murky waters of eschatology will challenge the reader to think about the very nature of truth itself, and with the suddenly trying nature of our times, this could indeed be the perfect moment for such a philosophic endeavor." - Fairfield Pinpoint, Editor - All Right Magazine


The Constellation of Omens is an eye opening piece of literature that is a must read for all. Fast paced and easy read, a book you will not want to put down. It will open your mind to the future and your part in it. In a time when we are not for sure what is going on or where things are going, Author Deborah Simpson has written an overwhelming novel full of truths and answers to your questions. For all, a must read.  5 Stars.” - Lesa Trapp - Host of The Odd Mind Magazine and Radio Show