Hell's Raging Fury


By Brenda Weaver

Publisher : www.amazon.com

ABOUT Brenda Weaver

Brenda Weaver
I am a romance writer that lives in California surrounded by all things romanctic ;)
I have a loving DH...two grown children and six adorable grand children..four girls and two boys.
I do all my own book trailers and am now working on book 3 of my Empowered spritis series. Stop b More...



Beautiful sixteen year old Brandy Sinclair watched in horror as her father died in her arms. She was thenstripped of the wealth and comfort of her home as she was forced to sign over her inheritance to her step-siblings.She thenendured countless acts of violence against her body and was sold into slavery. Life looked bleak as the slave ship rolled into New York harbor, until a handsome pirate came to her rescue.

Captain Nick Tremaine was a notoriously well known pirate among the colonies. It was 1774 and an upheaval was coming to the little nation that England tried to strip of its pride. Nick was on a mission to help the colonists and make a little money on the side, but when he came aboard the slave ship that carried more precious cargo than slaves, his heart stopped as he watched a beautiful young woman being whipped for trying to escape. Was this then Brandy’s fate? Or would Nick intervene?  Which heart will fall to the throes of Hell’s Raging Fury?