Rightfully Mine: God's Equal Rights Amendment

Christian Books, General Fiction, Romance

By Aggie Villanueva

Publisher : Cielos Rojos Publishing

ABOUT Aggie Villanueva

Aggie Villanueva
BIOGRAPHYAggie’s how-to, The Rewritten Word, held multiple Amazon category bestseller status for over seventeen months (and still holding), and Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers  hit multiple category bestseller three days after release at Kindle. Published at Thomas Nelson before More...


The promise: There is an era in Israeli history where anticipation is a palpable hum, where the bedouin lifestyle gives way to the birth of a nation, where men gear up for war: The era between their forty-year wandering and their victory over Canaan.

The promise revoked: But when Moses divides the new land among the men of Israel, it is Rizpah who has the courage to fight for her family of sisters.

Seamlessly woven into the plot is a love story of Rhett-Scarlett-Ashley proportions. Reviewed by Linda Yezak

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Before I'd even finished co-authoring my first novel, Chase the Wind, published by Thomas Nelson, I'd discovered the story of Noah (my Rizpah) in Numbers 27. I immediately fell in love with this strong woman who braved the entire male nation of Israel to plead her case before Moses. When the realization hit her that, since only men could inherit land, she and her family of sisters only would be left homeless in the bright, shinning promised land. There was no promise for them. Needless to say, as soon as my first novel was published I began my reasearch for Rightfully Mine. And needless to say, Thomas Nelson grabbed the story immediately. That was in 1984. I've now re-published this epic story. Seems I love it as much now as then.

"A carefully researched and inspiring story of someone who stands up against the crowd and seeks God with their whole heart . . . regardless of the cost."
Bill Myers - bestselling author of "Eli"

"Her portrayal of a humanity struggling between safety and destiny is touching, palpable, and memorable. This is easily one of the best biblical novels I’ve ever read."
KM Weiland, author of A Man Called Outlaw and Behold the Dawn.

"Along with the rich plot and subplot of the novel, Aggie exhibits a talent for placing the reader in the heart of the bedouin camps, in the very tents and activities of the characters she brings to life, with the economy of words that is the hallmark of a masterful writer."
Linda Yezak, Author/Reviewer

One of favorite movies of all time is The Ten Commandments. Rightfully Mine is now one of my favorite books. The author, Aggie Villanueva, weaves a superb blend of biblical history entwined with romance."

Cindy Bauer, author of Chasing Memories & Shades of Blue.

This reviewer liked the book so much that she is buying it as a Christmas gift for a family member. **** 4 stars
Carol Langstroth, Manager, Mind Fog Reviews