The Great Simulator Part 1

Health, Mind & Body

By David McCready

Publisher : McCready Publishing

The Great Simulator  Part 1

ABOUT David McCready

David McCready



Not quite achieving goals and dreams ?  Not quite fitting in ?  Not getting what you want ?  Not quite in control of thoughts and emotions ?........ Everything that happens to you “good” or “bad” is an incredible illusion that you want……. See the illusion happening and revolutionise your life. Read this book.

Traditionally in any scientific rational book you build the up evidence and work smoothly to a logical conclusion. However, if your day job is teaching people Astral Projection, conversing with Guiding Spirits and reading Auras...... The world looks very different. The Great Simulator is a “Tell it how it is book”, with a comprehensive set of instructions to help you verify everything for yourself in Part 2. So the story behind the book is...... I just got bored with hiding what I and my many clients were enjoying. You are Not here, but you are having lots of fun believing you are.

The Great Simulator is the highest selling independently published book we have ever stocked. Continuous 18 Months Top 20 Bestseller out of our 200,000 books listing.

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