Fabulous over Forty

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Josie Slaton Terry

Publisher : Tate Publishing Company

ABOUT Josie Slaton Terry

Josie Slaton Terry
My name is Josie Slaton Terry the author of the book that is encouraging the heart of many; "Fabulous over Forty  - A Guide to Aging."  My book is on Barnes and Nobles, Borders and Amazon.  Published by Tate Publishing Company (c) 2009.  I started writing to encourage myself. More...


This book deals with rethinking the aging process.  It's full of encouragement and AHA moments.  The life examples, personal information and overall material with bring the readers to an awakening.

I was a business owner in her fifties, dealing with the ordeal of getting older. Watching time flee. I had all of these dreams and goals inside crying out to be fulfilled. Yet, I felt I was getting too old and thinking time was not on my side. Still, I couldn't expect this as my fate. So, I begin the journey to reset my mind and develop a stronger way of thinking, as well as a stronger body. Other ladies started to share with me that they were facing the same aging challenges. I wanted to help them and myself and that's how "Fabulous over Forty" was birthed. This book helped me to get set free from the aging decline and started me on this fabulous road of aging well. The feedback from so many others confirmed that the message in this book is very much needed …NOW.