The Sound Snatcher How the Vacuum Got Its Noise

Children's Books

By Linda Bryan-Sabin

Publisher : L&M Parnters, Peeking Kitty Books

ABOUT Linda Bryan-Sabin

Linda Bryan-Sabin
I was born to be a teacher and a writer. I do not dumb down books for children. I bring to readers a rich tapestry of expression and discovery. Rhythm, vibrant and multi-syllable words are intended to instill a love of language and restore it to its higher purpose, the true art of communic More...



The Sound Snatcher is a noisy and hungry vacuum cleaner looking for sounds to snatch. For anyone who has ever fear the vacuum cleaner or other loud things, this book is especially good for the sensitive child who may become unsettled or anxious when confronted with noisy distractions.
Look for the peeking kitty on every page. Parents will love the interactive questions on the "Let's Talk About the Book" and "The Words I heard" pages. $14.95 plus S/H 

I wrote the book as an in-class assignment for a creative writing class. Students were given a word and had 15 minutes to craft a story line. I went out into the hall, it was a night class and the hall was quite except for the sound of the rain outside and the large school clock ticking. Then the janitor came around the corner with a noisy vacuum, and The Sound Snatcher was born. I had the entire story done in those 15 minutes. My writing is pure inspiration. I get an idea and the story just appears. Frightened by the vacuum myself as a child, this story is full of fun lyrical rhyme that helps children discover and uncover their fears. It makes the vacuum friendly. My little peeking kitty, a signature character in all of my stories appears on every page making it fun to explore in many ways. This book is dedicated to my Mom and Dad, and represents my true self as a teacher and writer. I also believe that a love and the use of real words is a looming casualty of the 21st Century. It seems all everyone does now is want to make a point as quickly as possible. I believe truncated language, acronyms and loss of the use of “the ever friendly vowel" is eroding the fabric of real communication. It is my intention to create books to help both children and parents discover the magic of language and the power of words.