Rickie the Raccoon Learns about Recycling

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By Angela Cater

Publisher : Tabby Cat Press

ABOUT Angela Cater

Angela Cater
Angela Cater has been painting cats and animals all of her life and is largely self-taught.  Since 2006, she has self-published, written and illustrated 3 children's picture books, and illustrated a fourth in collaboration with Canadian writer, Giovanna Lagana. As a mature student, she to More...


Rickie the Raccoon believes that a world full of rubbish would be great - he would never be hungry again.  It falls to his friend, Carmen the Cat, to teach him the error of his thinking and the importance of recycling.  The book also includes a useful resource page to get you and your children saving energy and protecting the environment.

Canadian author, Giovanna Lagana is better known as a horror writer but penned this book for her children. She found UK artist, Angela Cater, via the internet and asked if she would be interested in illustrating a children's book and from there, an international partnership was born. Originally published as an Ebook, the story reached the finals of the Eppie awards in 2007.

"It is lovely, simply lovely. It reads comfortably and is the perfect little book.... Congratulations also to Angela Cater for the perfect portrayal of every little girl's raccoon." - David Bouchard, best-selling author, presenter and educator

―Best selling and award winning author, presenter, and educator David Bouchard