Black Women: Interracial & Intercultural Marriage Book 1—First and Foremost

ABOUT Eve Sharon Moore

Eve Sharon Moore
Eve Sharon Moore is an essayist, counselor, and publisher of the Ezine: that offers motivational tips and practical advice urging women to broaden their scope beyond their immediate environment to the entire global village as they seek loving relationship More...



Penetrating essays and  riveting comments from the 2007 Associated Press highlighted website: as black women, white men, and others from the global village discuss the factors and nuances in the current social environment that are causing the surge in the interracial and intercultural marriages between African American women and men of other races and cultures.


Internet personality and author, Eve Sharon "Evia" Moore urges African American women to make marriage to a “Quality” man a high priority, especially if there are to be children. She stresses that: “African American women must take advantage of their many possibilities for love, marriage, and a life of abundance outside the scope of their immediate environment. If they did so, they would find many interested, marriageable men from a wide variety of races and ethnic groups who appreciate black women. Exploring variety in all areas of life increases the likelihood of living well.”


See why approximately 950,000 readers have viewed more than 2,000,000 pages of Evia's commonsense, motivational writings and hundreds of photos of black women and their mates from all parts of the global village, ranging from the rich and famous to ordinary interracial and intercultural couples. Find out why readers flock to Evia’s site often, and return eagerly to see and read more.