Last Door

ABOUT K Raven Rozier

K Raven Rozier
K. Raven Rozier is an author, editor and screenwriter. She taught college English and Latin for numerous years. Her interests are crossword puzzles, heirloom seed gardening, exploring the mysteries of God and the universe. She donates a portion of the proceeds from her books to charity.



Everybody has a secret. Some are darker than others. This is the true story of a father reunited with his young son. He discovers, over time, that the boy’s mind is fractured into more than 400 multiple personalities that protect his secrets. The family’s lives are threatened when they discover he is also possessed by demons that seek to destroy them. The boy’s mother offered her son up to a satanic cult and to abuses so horrific that they seem more like fiction than reality. How does this happen to a God-fearing family, and how do they deal with what is revealed to them? A young boy’s secrets could destroy this family, or, at the very least, bring it to its knees. When the O’Neal family is threatened by mysterious forces, cultic rituals, and a labyrinth of obstacles, they find out how far they will go and how hard they will fight to save one of their own and themselves in the ultimate, real life battle of good versus evil. What would you do to protect your secret?
"Wow! I have read a lot of horror but this one, in part because it was based on a true story, really got me. An amazing story of good vs evil and the unbelievable evil humans perpetrate on each other. Unlike the over-the-top cheap thrills in books and movies like "The Exorcist," all the events are presented professionally and passionately here by Rozier. She remains true to the facts but gives the characters plenty of realistic emotional depth. A must read."

"Unnerving, superbly written. I read it in one sitting."

"Rozier certainly has a way with words. From page one, I was glued! "

"This book is hard to explain, it was unbelievable, remarkable, inspirational, and terrifying all at the same time. I am left speechless. Something you should read. It will really leave you thinking."

"All I can say is: "WOW!" While I was reading I kept thinking, "Are you kidding?!?!"  This book was truly unlike anything else I've ever read."

"A chilling account that examines the strange, often unbelievable & unexplainable true events! It is excellent!
A must read!!!!"